Doctors told me studying in the big smoke was putting my life at risk, so I had to give up my dream career in London. When will the government act to protect people like me?
If it's found air pollution-aggravated asthma was the cause of Ella's painful death, her story could change history and policy, and help bring about clean air for all.
Asthma UK says some sufferers are put in danger by prescription charges.
"When we look at the evidence we do have, there’s enough grounds for serious concerns."
People with asthma should have inhalers on hand, charity warns.
It's particularly bad for those living in Manchester and London.
“I would wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath."
Everything you need to know about causes and effects, plus how to protect yourself.
Three-quarters of people who pay for asthma prescriptions struggle with the cost.