“It’s pretty ambitious. But that’s ok, we should do ambitious things.”
Astronomers are preparing to photograph the Alpha Centuari system in an attempt to find the first habitable exoplanet, Popular
Astronomers have discovered the largest ‘ghost galaxy’ in known existence, made up of 99.99% black matter. The discovery
Sir Patrick Moore, the veteran astronomer and TV presenter, died on Sunday aged 89. Moore presented the first episode of
A planet with four suns has been identified by two "armchair astronomers". The bright new world, just under 5,000 light years
An amateur astronomer has said he got the shock of his life when he made Ireland's second discovery of a supernova (exploding
Scientists have discovered an Earth-like planet located in the "goldilocks" or "Habitable" zone, suitable for life. Kepler
For the second time in five years the Nobel Prize in Physics has gone to astronomy, to two teams, one in the United States and the other in Australia, that charted the outer reaches of the universe using distant stellar explosions as probes of its expansion, and whilst sifting through the light of long dead stars discovered the unexpected fate of all things.