Maybe it's just me, but it seems that people politely avoid the vicar when they can. Being a priest is fine in a church, obviously. People expect a person in a dog collar and, as a general rule, respect them. But in the outside world -- and particularly on the comedy circuit -- a vicar is the spectre at the feast; an alien, deluded simpleton who belongs to the Dark Ages.
NEW YORK -- One of the UK’s top rabbis explained why God created atheists on Wednesday. Speaking in New York, Jonathan Sacks
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It's not my intention to invert the status quo and start bashing atheists. There's enough bashing going on as it is. What is interesting, writing as someone who doesn't really think of himself as either, is to observe the distinct similarities in each group.
South Korea has approved a Christian group’s plans to set up a large, illuminated Christmas tree near the border with North
A recently published review of opinion poll data, from 123 national sample surveys of the UK adult general population, documents dramatically declining allegiance to the Bible over recent years, even among regular churchgoers.
I was a Christian for 25 years. In that period, I believed some of it for some of the time. I probably never believed all of it; I don't think any Christians do, in reality, other than those who habitually blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. My faith gradually declined until in the few years leading up to my Big Surprise - the mid-life crisis...