A Nigerian man says he has been detained on a psychiatric ward and forcibly medicated on the grounds of his atheism. Mubarak
No country combines sport, politics and religion quite like the US. Just watch this weekend’s Superbowl for a barrage of
An Afghan citizen has been granted UK asylum on religious grounds – in what is believed to be the first case of its kind
On Monday the store issued an apology, stating that where employees have religious beliefs that restrict what foods or drinks
"How plausible is a good atheist?" asked Christian Today last week. Given that most people in Britain are de facto atheists, living their lives with only a desultory nod to religion, the question might as well have been "How plausible is a good person?"
A 20-year-old Egyptian student is reportedly under investigation for starting a Facebook group calling for atheism. The unnamed
As part of a major review of what Scouting does and how it operates - the fourth in the history of our Movement - we asked our membership whether we should offer an additional alternative Promise to this group. The overwhelming response was that we should.
Professor Richard Dawkins sparked a backlash on Twitter after he claimed the world's Muslims have won fewer Nobel Prizes
Britain's most senior Muslim politician and two atheist party political leaders are among figures from the world of politics
Prayer can be viewed as a kind of vertical communication (e.g. with a God), verbal or contemplative, structured (e.g. reading a prepared prayer) or freely composed (e.g. talking to an imaginary other).