The truth is, as peaceful as we all want to be, Dostoyevski might be onto something when he says: right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time. Because sometimes enough is enough. And morality snaps. But can we ever stomach Trump McFly being the champion of the innocent? Can Trump lead Syria to the happy ending that takes the future of Syria back to the joys of it's past?
The real attack on French culture here is the parliament's decision to reinforce the state of emergency, by no way a banner for tourists or French citizens alike. We look at France as the birthplace of modern democracy, and the country's founding call for liberté is something we should not take for granted the world over.
The world is a collection of societies and communities in desperate need of healers. Now is the time to do what we can at our humble level to help design a more harmonious reality. Some will start businesses, charities, organise conferences, but everyone can make a start today, here and now.
Hey remember this guy? Despite his butter-wouldn’t-melt appearance, he was said to be responsible for a one-cat crime wave
Her mother Shirley Wade, 72, has also been attacked. She said: "He was scratching at the door so I opened it slightly to
The vast, silent majority of ordinary Britons - Muslim and non-Muslim alike - have the power to drown out the bigots and foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding online. They could even rally around their shared British identity, and move beyond the balkanisation of identity politics.
Motorists are having to contend with scores of attacks a year by missile-throwing yobs, it was revealed today. One county