Attraction BGT

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ reigning champions Attraction have hit back at show boss Simon Cowell after he accused them of not
Surely something for everyone in this evening's bag? But do let us know if you've spotted something we missed in our picks
Britain's Got Talent winners Attraction have spoken out about the egg-throwing incident which disrupted the live final of
Hungarian shadow dance troupe Attraction has won ITV's 'Britain's Got Talent' after a live final marked by a woman running
'Britain's Got Talent' supremo Simon Cowell admits he has not got a clue who is going to win the show's final. Eleven contenders
'Britain's Got Talent' comes to a trumpeting finale this weekend, and already the bookies have made it clear who THEY think
Shadow theatre act Attraction and teenage singer Jordan O'Keefe have been announced as the last two acts to be voted through