While Dark Social represents a major challenge for marketers looking to better measure and understand the different elements of their marketing, it also represents an opportunity for brands innovating in the space.
The House of Lords vote to secure EU nationals the right to stay in the UK after Brexit exploded on BBC Question Time, with
In 2012 I wrote an article discussing the ever growing video platform 'YouTube', and how it arguably has grown into the new TV. Since then I constantly rethink how within that time YouTube has still continued to grow...
There is a common law amongst comedians (and all performers to an extent) that you should never blame your audience, but, there should perhaps also be an additional law for audiences that If you're going to come and watch something, for goodness sake, don't be a c***.
A lot was written and discussed at the end of last year's Edinburgh Fringe about bubbles bursting, audiences voting with their feet and growing resistance to the commercialisation of the fringe.
Bringing a grim twist to the concept of cookery shows, two Dutch TV presenters have been left with a bad taste in their mouth
If you're reading this, then there's a strong chance you're considering joining the ranks of new stand-ups. If so, great! The more the merrier. There are, however, some things you should know. The following is a list of things I wish someone had told me before my first gig.
Scenes of rape, torture and nudity have forced up to 80 theatre-goers to walk out of a Royal Shakespeare Company production