'The high level of inequality, poverty and unemployment affects mostly women, youth and children.'
'What's required is a comprehensive approach that deals with various elements of the local-government system.'
"I think what we did was to restore confidence in the minds and the hearts of South Africans."
Procurement at nearly a quarter of municipalities cannot even be audited...
Supra Mahumapelo leaves behind a broken province.
There is also a systemic question that needs to be posed: are our provinces in their current form economically sustainable?
The Auditor-General Fired KPMG and Nkonki as government's external auditors on Tuesday.
Treasury and the auditor-general have told MPs that the department's massive irregular spending is the reason it is in dire straits financially.
The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) confirms that it's investigating Deloitte's auditing of Steinhoff.
Sars received a dressing down by MPs from the ANC and opposition benches in Parliament on Tuesday.
Irregular expenditure in state-owned enterprises has ballooned.
"The ANC calls for strong consequence management for the lapses and failures on the part of management and officials."
The AG found that SOEs continue to regress, and that irregular expenditure has gone up to R45.6-billion - that's 55 percent more than last year.
Government employees threaten audit staff and deliberately delay handing over documents, the auditor-general says.
The auditor-general says the public broadcaster is commercially insolvent.
Budgets spent in secret are a petri dish for abuse of power. If steps have been taken to remedy this, they haven’t been publicly declared.
Whenever investigations into corruption seems to get too close to President Jacob Zuma and his associates, it gets short shrift.
Revealed: Sassa wants to negotiate with CPS yet again, which wants more money for a shorter contract. And the contract negotiations are 'too complex' for the court, say Minister and Sassa.
Prasa hasn't kept proper records about disciplinary procedures. Now it's asking its own employees to come forward and tell it what's going down.