David Cameron may have made a dramatic U-turn and changed his conference speech to remove a call for households to pay off
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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's government won a vote of confidence on Wednesday in parliament, on a 54-billion
The impact of public spending cuts and tax rises on UK household incomes will be felt for up to 10 years, an economic study
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Health managers are restricting access to potentially life-saving scans that diagnose diseases like
Mr. Osborne, Britain's Chancellor, stood in the House of Commons (August 11, 2011), full of pride, to announce to the nation that "Britain is a safe haven for investors". I, for one, am not impressed, nor do I expect most of the British people are, as they struggle to survive the hardships created by the "moneymen" with their casino-type capitalism.
Silvio Berlusconi has revealed a package of economic measures in the hope of easing the sovereign debt crisis currently engulfing
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Student rioter Charlie Gilmour, who was jailed for swinging from a flag on the Cenotaph, is being confined to his prison
The highest performing A-level candidates could be tempted with cut-price deals on tuition fees from next year, as some English