Austin Mitchell

A former Labour MP from Grimsby has said Sacha Baron Cohen is "public enemy number one" in the town and should go back to
Veteran Labour MP Austin Mitchell has raised eyebrows by choosing to compare a watchdog's reduced budget to having anorexia
Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry was "daft" to resign over a tweet and it showed that Ed Miliband was "motivated
A senior aide to Ed Miliband has denied an accusation she called Northerners "backwards" for not nominating enough female
Labour MP Austin Mitchell has suggested that women prefer to discuss family and "social issues" rather than "big issues like
A Labour MP has tweeted a Nazi slogan in an angry attack on the selection of Jean Claud Juncker as EU Commission president
Here are the five things you need to know on Thursday 15 May 2014... 1) THE MILI MAKEOVER I've been saying for a while that
Veteran Labour MP Austin Mitchell has confirmed he will step down at the next general election. The member of Parliament
Empathy is an absolutely crucial part of the political picture. Take the Coalition's spending cuts. It's easy to see a policy in terms of numbers and strategies. It isn't until you seem the damage they have wrought up close that the human element begins to loom into focus.
A Labour MP has sparked outrage on Twitter by telling ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch that a "good wife doesn't disagree with her