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All of us in the labour parties are accustomed to making compromises, but always with the aim of achieving a fairer society. For moderates, the formula no longer stacks up. What compromise could possibly make up for the fact that the leader is now a self-identified "friend" of Hamas?
He's just come under fire for making a "patronising" St Patrick's Day message (see video below). But is this latest gaffe
The #illridewithyou campaign in a shining example of everything that's fantastic about Australia - even if as a Kiwi I have to say it through gritted teeth. Like the American cousins, they've got a lot of big, empty spaces, what is politely known as a 'frontier mentality' and a tendency to come across as a bit rough round the edges.
An Australian senator has launched a scorching attack on the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, calling his government "heartless
Although I question many of his archaic statements in the past, I do not believe Australia's new PM chose to represent only one woman in his cabinet based on misogynistic tendencies. I believe playing into that is counterproductive to the real issue at hand.
Australia recently introduced new guidelines allowing intersex individuals an official legal status on personal documents. It's an important move for Australia's intersex individuals and for equality in the country, and also for transgender, gender diverse and intersex people around the world. But in other ways Australia falls short in matters of equality.
Yet again, here we are, another leadership contention, more spiteful words, contradictions and backstabbing from the Labor party on a whole, and now Rudd is PM again. A man enamoured by his own celebrity. Australian politics has suffered an immense loss in credibility and the Australian public is embarrassed.
Julia Gillard, who just wants to get on with being Prime Minister, and keeps being reminded that she's a woman and is therefore inferior at everything. Julia is in Australian Women's Weekly this week, with a picture of her knitting a kangaroo for the royal baby. The internet, the opposition party, several news outlets and some knitting purists are up in arms.
Hardly ever does anyone ever call anyone else a racist, to their face. It's such a heavy allegation that people have become extremely hesitant about using it, except as a joke. As a result, I reckon we've lost the ability to talk about racism.
Wow. We're not sure how to react to this... other than to stock up on tinned goods, tell our family and friends how much