In every library - sandwiched between Richard Branson's autobiography and a fat volume of John Betjeman - you'll find five books about business writing.
Imagine if that first Harry Potter manuscript had fallen into the hands of the wrong reader when it was sent to Bloomsbury - we might never have heard of Harry or J.K and the world of children's literature might be very different today.
The one story that brings home to me just how much the publishing landscape is being changed is that the next Encyclopaedia Britannica will only be published in a digital format.
Roald Dahl has been voted primary school teachers' favourite author. A survey found five of his works are among their top
I'd happily burn all of Thackeray. It's simply not funny or especially revelatory.
While "modern Africa" created diverse pathways to betterment, survivalist economies litter the landscape. Its paradox of "subsistence with many faces" coexists amidst the tiny middle class, growing rich, and many more poor expected in the future.
Sometimes it can feel like writers are split into two types: the rich and famous and the poor and struggling. But every journey
Feuding, fighting and fisticuffs are not things we normally associate with literary types. More often we think of someone
Who said being a writer was a quiet life? Salman Rushdie has been forced to cancel his appearance at Asia’s biggest literary
Self-publishing doesn't quite hit the spot when it comes to the satisfaction of seeing your words in print. It's akin to being given a glass of water during a hot day, when all you really want is a pint of crisp, cool cider: it's refreshing, yes, and quite nice, but it's not what you were really looking for. Plus, it's tasteless. And wet.