autumn recipes

Do you ever play that desert island game where you decide which cooking ingredients you couldn't live without if you were marooned like Robinson Crusoe? No? Just me and sister-in-law Sarah, then. 
There are many benefits to eating seasonally, not least that seasonal produce is a real culinary treat for the tastebuds. By enjoying produce when it is in season, we fall in with Mother Nature's natural, and intended, culinary calendar! It tastes the best and it is the cheapest - naturally, the supply of seasonal fruit and veg, will outweigh demand, especially if their is a good harvest. Why wouldn't you go with the seasons?
I make no apologies for my second pheasant recipe in a fortnight. The other day I leaned out of the bedroom window and got two birds with one shot from a .410 as they staged one of their daily flash mobs on the lawn.
There's nothing quite like a quince. A bowlful of them will perfume the whole kitchen and one quince can transform a humble apple crumble into something sublime.