Annual wage rises will not return to their historic norm of around 2% for a couple of years, the head of the UK's official
In 130 pages of the Autumn Statement the Chancellor covered, as he was right to do, every major public sector programme: but there was one significant omission. A programme which now costs 8% of GDP - the National Health Service. Apart from the commitment to ring-fencing there was no single line in the whole report dedicated to the NHS.
The knives are out for the shadow chancellor. Again. But to call for him to be sacked on the basis of a single, bad Commons performance is absurd. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is Ed Balls, not George Osborne, who has been vindicated on the economy.
George Osborne could be forced to make £7 billion of extra cuts to pay for new spending pledges and a further £10 billion
Ed Balls has been mocked for "getting his facts wrong" after comparing a Tory minister to George Osborne's "poodle", as the
Although on the outside David Cameron attempts to present the image of a Prime Minister in control, on the inside, it's a different matter. Realising that a Lib-Lab partnership may not be off the cards in 2015, the PM and his Chancellor have clearly softened to the Lib Dems of late, evident in the layout of yesterday's Autumn Statement.
I am immensely proud that we have managed to persuade policy makers of the benefits of measures such as this one announced in Thursday's Autumn Statement, benefits for young people, businesses, the Treasury and society at large.
The one thing you need to know on Friday 6 December 2013... RIP MADIBA The world is in mourning; a rare global icon has passed
After three wasted years, we have had another day of complacency from George Osborne. All we heard in a speech of nearly an hour was more evidence of the cost of living crisis and a few misplaced boasts about the state of the economy, despite the fact that this is no recovery at all for millions of families.
After several years of generally bad years, everyone will welcome the good news that the Statement contains. However we have good reasons to think that the medium term prospects are not as rosy as the Chancellor thinks...