It's important to remember that PDAers have little control over using avoidance, they cannot stop seeing a demand as something to avoid and they cannot control a panic attack/meltdown at all. PDA is a disability, with help a PDA person can learn to manage their avoidance and violence but they cannot completely remove the cause.
When was the last time you actually sat still for one moment? In the busyness of our daily lives, this can be very difficult, especially if you do not want to feel uncomfortable emotions. However, the ironic thing is that in order to deal with the uncomfortable emotions - whatever they may be - they need to be felt - not ignored.
Sitting on ginormous cash piles, multinational corporations should certainly be willing to contribute their fair share during times of austerity. According to recent estimates, tax avoidance in Britain could be costing the taxpayer as much as £5.5 billion each year. That's £183 per taxpayer, or 21 days funding for the entire NHS.
What's all this bullshit over comedian Jimmy Carr paying 1% tax on his millions by exploiting a perfectly legal tax loophole?