In wrestling, the word legend is overused and the status conferred upon many as time rolls on. For Dusty Rhodes however, it held true meaning being a rank he achieved in life and one that has simply been underlined by his untimely passing. Rhodes was a legend in every sense of the word...
My son Sal was slow to walk, he was almost two when in the space of a day he went from crawling to the front door with me in the morning as I left for walk and running full speed at me as I arrived back that evening. As ingrained in us, off we trotted to the children's shoe shop to have his feet measured and to purchase his first pair of shoes.
Sometimes astronomers release images that most people wouldn't look at twice. This saddens me because the science behind these images is usually mind-blowing. So with that in mind, here are my top five unimpressive images from space, and why they're actually amazing.
All families with disabled children have huge mountains to climb and we face continuous barriers and endless challenges to clear a path for our disabled child to belong in society, to belong in our communities and to be valued so they can live a full life: enjoy friendships, a social life, a job, go to college, have their dreams and aspirations supported.
There is something special about football the moment the ball touches my soul, it makes me come alive. The training ground is where I belong and feel the safest: there are no barriers or labels, just Coach Annie!
If we cannot ensure the survival of the Amazon's last nomads who probably more than any people, define what it is to live sustainably, and who ask for nothing other than respect for their land and way of life, what will that say about the path humanity is heading down?