I run a company. Virtually every day I do something that is designed to either enhance the reputation of that company, or to increase its market position. I'm more than comfortable with this, in fact I (secretly) quite enjoy it.
Richard Herring explained to me yesterday: "I was told I couldn't use the words 'dick' and 'fuckinghamshire' in the 40 words. I wasn't too surprised about the 'fuckinghamshire' ("honourable member for fuckinghamshire" was the line) even though that isn't a swear word and presumably means you have to censor 'Scunthorpe' too.
She might have famously played a princess on screen, but Anne Hathaway came face-to-face with the real deal last night. The
Did you always know that you wanted to be a designer? I think it's all I can really do. When I was a child the first thing
I organise the Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards. I hate to be bitchy, but those other Edinburgh Fringe comedy awards - the ones
An emotional Angelina Jolie was honoured with the Heart of Sarajevo Award yesterday, for her work on her directorial debut