Awkward Photos

If Obama didn't know how awkward Brits could be before, he does now. This photograph, used to publicise the UK's new ambassador
In which BuzzFeed rounds up 16 modern-day optical illusions. 'Modern-day optical illusions' being: bizarre photos that have
Who'd be a bridesmaid, eh? You often don't get to choose your dress - and you're often asked to pose in the most ridiculous
So what else do I quiver about when I think about my childhood fashion sense? Well there was the Global Hyper-techni-colour tee shirt and cycling short phase, lets move on.
You have to give credit to George Osborne for getting out there and meeting the voters but one thing is for sure, he looks
Looking to enhance your Valentine's Day? Or just make it bearable? Then sit back and relax with our gallery of awkward couple
Remember back in the day, when we used to ride goats and ostrich-drawn carriages? No? Well, fear not - because we've been
We here at Huffington Post UK Comedy are celebrating Father's Day in the only way we know how: compiling a silly gallery
Some dread it, some wait their whole little lives for it - but there's no denying everyone feels the same about the photographic
The school leavers' ball, fondly known as "prom" is supposed to be the time where caterpillars emerge from cocoons as butterflies