Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Hassan Rouhani is officially beginning his second term as president of Iran after emphatically defeating a populist, hard
As Hassan Rouhani, the smiling, so-called moderate President of Iran, travelled around Europe last week signing lucrative
Iran's most moderate presidential candidate, the cleric Hassan Rouhani, looks set to win simple majority as votes are counted
Just a few weeks from now, on June 14 will be a landmark day for the Islamic Republic of Iran, when Iranians will hold what
As Iran's Presidential elections approach, the fundamentalist regime finds itself in its most difficult dilemma since its
Despite being outlawed in the country since 2009 and branded as "Zionist", Facebook has a new user in the form of Iran's
The Superstorm which battered America’s East Coast killing at least 50 people was allegedly caused by top-secret Iranian
Once again, the European Parliament is planning to send a delegation to Tehran. The trip, scheduled for the end of this month
Women are to be excluded from 77 BA and BSc courses at 36 Iranian universities in the coming year. The ban was first reported
George Bernard Shaw used to say that political necessities sometime turn out to be political mistakes. As things stand in ongoing negotiations between the West and Iran, this seems to be the parallel for what is going to happen in yet another round of talks later this month in Russia. Let us consider the current balance of actions.