Another week, another round of talks aimed at reaching a peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan, this time with both their foreign ministers meeting in Paris. The two countries have been locked in a territorial conflict over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven other surrounding regions for over 20 years.
This year should have been the year when Azerbaijan stepped forward and opened up. Unfortunately the opposite seems to have happened with authorities clamping down even more aggressively on journalists and critics of the regime.
Step forward Azerbaijan. The country has the potential to become one of Europe's major allies and suppliers. It is one of the most stable energy players in the region and is fast developing into a hub for the Caspian Sea basin and Central Asia's oil and gas.
Officials from the European Commission had their laptops hacked while at a conference in Azerbaijan, it has been claimed
AZERBAIJAN Nicolas Sarkis, founder and CEO of AlphaOne Partners LLP, puts the spotlight on the social, political and economic
Outside the decrepit cafe where we stopped, a peppery tempered driver waited for the passengers to climb back into the silver marshrutka and continue the drive south down the Georgian Military Highway to Tbilisi.
After Vladimir Putin's fleeting visit to Israel last week, many analysts concentrated on the fact that these talks were driven by events in Tehran. This is of course true. However, many missed the fact that a greater, long term game is being played out in the Caucuses, namely in Azerbaijan.
I first met actor Peter Stanford at a Mensa meeting in a basement in Holborn, London. He was working as Henry VIII at Hampton
With the English delegation once again returning home from Eurovision with its tail between its legs following a dismal result, calls will only grow louder to pull out of the competition altogether. However, for the more conscientious among us this year's competition has served as far more than just a trashy manufactured pop-fest and it could do so again in the future.
As we head towards one more tacky but popular Eurovision final, will a spotlight also be shone onto the serious human rights abuses in Azerbaijan, this year's host?