Where traditionally cosmetic surgery is something that is predominately a woman's market, I have seen a marked increase of males requesting surgery over the past five years, and this is reflected as a UK trend by figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).
I hope there never comes a time when my daughter suffers from self doubt due to her appearance or feels the need to surgically 'enhance' her incredibly perfect self. There is much more pressure in the world she's growing up in than I had to deal with, and I will do what I can to equip her to have confidence in herself, as she is
Hair transplant procedures are now the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men in the UK. Over 4,500 procedures were carried out in 2011, which was 13 per cent more than those performed in 2010, and the number continues to grow.
As the Department of Health labelled dermal fillers a 'crisis waiting to happen' and the Bruce Keogh review suggested a lack of expertise by some administering injectable treatments means patients having non-surgical procedures may be exposed to 'unreasonable risks', how can you protect yourself?
In my mind it's simple; cosmetic surgery isn't to be taken lightly, and giving it away as a prize or reward is frankly just irresponsible. I can't even begin to express my horror after reading about an American ophthalmologist who was in the news this week for offering cosmetic procedures to anyone who can set him up with his 'dream woman'.
Plastic surgeons are to bring in a financial protection scheme for their patients, it was announced today. The British Association
The "booming" cosmetic surgery industry has become an "everyday product" because of programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex
Private clinics at the centre of the PIP breast implant scandal are claiming they do not have "the skills" to treat affected
As experienced surgeons, we know that the best way to market our services is through good quality work, our happy and satisfied patients and referrals. When I see a new patient and they tell me I was recommended by a member of their family or a friend, well, it doesn't get any better than that.
All cosmetic surgery advertising should be banned and annual checks carried out on surgeons, advised experts in the wake