Baby food

I thought back to my time as a young mum. The baby food industry was nothing like the £611 Million annual UK industry it is today. Attitudes were different. I always made sure that I was at home around meal times and the odd time we went on a day trip, I had a bag of little pots made up ready to go.
Paul Lindley founded Ella's Kitchen baby and toddler food after experiencing problems getting his eldest daughter to eat
The science underpinning the importance of breast feeding has been well documented and cannot be overstated. In 2003 the Lancet published a series on child survival emphasising that exclusive breast feeding, if universalised, could save 13% of all under five deaths, (an estimated 1.3million in the 42 high mortality countries).
When was the last time you were as mindful as a baby in discovery mode, dedicating all five senses to every mouthful? How often do we eat and fully focus on the experience of eating? Our multisensory eating experiences inevitably diminish with age.