baby p

The mother of Baby P is still a danger to the public and should not be freed from jail in the new year, Parole Board chiefs
The mother of Baby P is back in jail after allegedly trying to sell naked pictures of herself to male fans. Tracey Connelly
As bad systems beget bad systems, good systems beget good systems - that's just the way it is. It is too late for the likes of poor Baby P, but we CAN seek to protect other children who are at risk by supporting MPs who promote this essential state-of-the-art, MIS-powered Super Hospital system model.
One in ten children - more than 1.5million - suffers from neglect. It is the most prevalent form of child abuse and features in 60% of serious case reviews into the death or serious injury of a child... What I find mind-boggling, is the fact that as a nation we have no overarching, strategic plan in place to address the issue.
The mother of Baby P - who allowed him to be tortured to death - is demanding the council give her a bigger house as she
BABY P'S MOTHER RELEASED FROM JAIL Tracey Connelly - the mother of Baby P - has been released from prison, it has emerged
The mother of tragic Baby P has been released from prison. Tracey Connelly had been jailed indefinitely - with a minimum
The mother of Baby P wants another child, according to reports. Tracey Connelly is to be released imminently after serving
Baby P's mother is set to walk free from prison within days after serving just six years. Tracey Connelly was jailed indefinitely
I am no longer in the military, and I have noticed something. Something worrying, disturbing. A creeping selfishness. A walk-on-by attitude. A somebody else's problem out look where if something doesn't directly effect someone, they will do nothing about it.