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What really upsets me is so many good people would have given anything to provide Daniel Pelka with a fresh start, a new life with new parents. And a swift and decisive intervention at just the right time would mean he'd still be alive now... Instead, today, we have the grim task of poring through a Serious Case Review laying bare the failures that denied little Daniel this second chance.
A man jailed over the death of Baby P is back in prison after breaching his bail conditions. Jason Owen was originally handed
The council which was responsible for the welfare of Baby P is investigating an incident that saw a baby in foster care left
All children who visit hospital accident and emergency (A&E) departments or have out-of-hours GP consultations will be logged
There are so many lessons in this sorry tale. But the one that stands out is that crime committed by children can never be seen in isolation and the most powerful remedies are all outside the criminal justice system.
I respect a person's right to hold any opinion, even if I don't respect the opinion itself. Which means Frankie Boyle's repertoire of jokes about Madeleine McCann, BabyP, Katie Price's disabled son Harvey and children with Down's Syndrome don't send me into paroxysms of rage.
The natural father of Baby P, who was falsely accused of having been convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl, has had a libel
Yes, social workers make an assessment of a child's situation, but this then has to be scrutinised by managers and local authority lawyers before the child even begins their journey through the care system and the family courts system, whether that is temporary foster care before being returned home, or being removed from home on a permanent basis.
The mother of the toddler known as Baby P has said she is "sorry", her own mother claims. Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend
To mark the anniversary of Peter Connelly's death, the NSPCC is highlighting the on-going plight of our most vulnerable children. We have looked at the circumstances of around 35 baby deaths and found the same mistakes still being made over and over again. The same warning signs being missed, the same lessons for the future repeated over and over but not enough changing.
The Parole Board, which assesses the dangerousness of criminals eligible for release, has refused to comment on whether the
Two of Baby P's social workers have lost their appeal against an employment tribunal, which ruled on Friday that they were
Social workers need time to build up a relationship with children in order that the children feel safe enough to talk freely. Without being able to do so, the risks to children rise.
Source: Mason's A university rugby team has been shut down after players allegedly dressed up as Ku Klux Klan extremists
The natural father of Baby P has been awarded £75,000 against the publishers of The People after being wrongly described
The natural father of Baby P will learn the result today of his claim against the publishers of a Sunday newspaper for £130,000
The natural father of Baby P is suing the publishers of a Sunday newspaper for £130,000 damages for printing "one of the
The natural father of Baby P is suing the publishers of a Sunday newspaper for £130,000 damages for printing "one of the
A bid by the Department for Education and Haringey Council to overturn a ruling that former social services chief Sharon
When the convictions came through in the court trial over the death of Baby Peter in 2009 I had my own small experience of