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Women are bombarded with countless representations of pregnancy and parenthood in the media, particularly with the recent popularity of TV series such as Ask the Midwife and In the Club. As a result we see mums and mums-to-be discussing what they have seen on screen in our BabyCentre communities and coming to the site for advice on the reality of labour, post baby bodies and perfect looking newborns.
Not all older mums are destined to have problematic pregnancies. At 38, I had a trouble free pregnancy and labour but it's always best to be aware of the risks so you can have the safest pregnancy possible, and try not to get too anxious!
It doesn't surprise me that so many women are choosing to have babies in their 30s and 40s. I don't have any regrets about being an older mother. I think I'm a better mother for it. And, I think my children have a better life because of it.
You know what? I was proud. I was proud to show off a bump that was mine, that had grown one baby and was trying to keep another safely tucked up. After every discharge I felt relief that my body was doing the right thing and keeping my boy in until he was ready. It felt miraculous in a way.