While comparisons with Godzilla abound around the band's destruction of the Heavy Metal Universe I think comparisons to The Borg are far more accurate.
I thought the combination of cheery-poppy-happy-happy meets brutal death metal was the weirdest thing to hit the headbanging scene in decades. That is until a cross-dressing Australian beef cake wrestler and two diminutive Japanese girls destroyed whatever remained of my WTF-ometer.
Dempagumi are an interesting bunch. Formed in 2008 after all suffering bullying at school, they sought solace in video games, comics and cosplay and were apparently so shy that when they first formed wouldn't even talk to each other...
Possibly the most Marmite band around release eponymous debut June 1. Internet gives up, goes home. Verdict: 8/10 I'll cut
The Gazette's fandom in Japan is so intense that they caused part of the world's busiest station, Shinjuku, to be closed when they did an unannounced performance on the streets outside. Word got out minutes before they hit the stage, and the expected crowd of 250 turned into 7000 before the cops came and closed it down.
So 2014 comes to an end and another skull crushingly dull X-Factor winner tops the charts. Yay! But leaving Nicki Minaj's dreadfully inept Anaconda and Avril Levigne's hilariously awful Hello Kitty! aside, it's actually been a great year for music and some genuinely enjoyable songs have sailed its waves. Yarrrr!
I am in London to interview Key Kobayashi, elusive producer of heavy metal upstarts, Babymetal. It is lashing with rain and everyone is lost inside the Brixton Academy venue or stuffing their faces with chicken at Nandos.
Not to say they were that bad at the Forum in July, far from it; they were astonishing then, but now they had a meaner, more purposeful edge.
MTH have risen to mainstream success in their native country thanks to their insane live shows and avant garde approach to song writing and western audiences are finally taking note.
GG Allin was the most controversial front man that ever lived. Anyone that tells you otherwise lies. GG Allin would self harm, defecate, urinate and fight his way through gigs. He died of a heroin overdose after performing at The Gas Station in Manhattan in 1993.