bad driving

I think I have had it with people. People are not the solution, people are the problem. I drove to Swansea and back last
We're actually being a little generous with that headline. Because as you can see, this motorist in Calgary, Canada, actually
These guys had a delivery to make. They also had a forklift truck. So guess what they did when they found a parked car in
Twenty Two Words calls this person 'the world's dumbest red-light runner'. But as you can see, they're the world's stupidest
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we don't just try to bring you the finest laugh-out-loud (or even smile-quietly-to-yourself) viral
Amazingly, this isn't one of those 'Meanwhile, in Russia...' videos. It actually took place in the Walthamstow area of London
Meanwhile, in a retail park in Dartford, a lesson in how not to exit a car park is taking place. Well, we say 'lesson' - but
In the words of everyone's favourite Beatle, Ringo Starr John Lennon: instant karma's gonna get you. Especially if you drive
Want a lesson in how not to leave a car park? Watch this video from Poland, above. And if you don't have four minutes to
"Female tries to park her car, taking easily 30 mins altogether," writes male YouTuber Ciarán Shannon of Belfast. "One of