bad parenting

I had gotten to the point where the only days I enjoyed, were the days my children were at nursery. On those days, I'd feel a prickle of dread about having to go and collect them at the end of the day. I'd scramble around on the other days in between, desperately trying to get my mum, my brother, my dad, anyone, to come over, so that I didn't have to be alone with them.
Parenting is damn tough, so to get things in the open I thought I'd share a few of my dirty parenting confessions with you...If you want to share your dirty confessions in return I'd love that. If you want to go all parenting police on me, meh, feel free to do that too. Nothing like a good spirited debate.
Parents have reacted with horror after video has emerged of a baby dancing in a bathtub, whilst the mother whisks the water
I get it - we like Bad Mum, she swears, she drinks, she reads her smartphone in the park while the kids face plant off the roundabout. On the surface that description does seem to fit my parenting style perfectly so you might imagine I'd be cheering Bad Mum on. But I'm not.
When my eldest was first born, I used to spend countless hours reading 'educational' news articles with titles like 'Why Women Mess Kids Up', 'Why Food is Evil for Children' and 'Why Mothers are to Blame for the Demise of Modern Society'. These conflicted 'expert voices' all agreed on just one thing; that 'whatever you do for your kids, it is WRONG.'
When my son was a baby I didn't know what he wanted all the time, I had to guess, I performed all the basic tasks constantly in the hope that one of them would do it - make him smile, keep him well, stop him crying. This scattergun approach to parenting left me fraught and spent.
A mother who admitted leaving her young children alone in squalor as she went for clubbing has been given a suspended jail
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Parenting style is one of the strongest influences on how much alcohol a child will drink as a teenager