Ten years on from the invasion of Iraq, the controversial question still remains as to whether or not the war was worth it
Demonstrators protested outside the US Embassy in London after assailants fired rockets at a refugee camp for an Iranian
The bitter divisions over the Iraq war were reopened on Thursday evening, almost exactly a decade after the invasion. Panelists
As the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Iraq invasion approaches, The Huffington Post UK is hosting a debate asking 'Was It Worth
Suhad and Soodad (middle) with their childhood friends in Iraq before the invasion Remembering their life before the invasion
The translation of a 1,000-year-old "guide to gatecrashing", written by a renowned Muslim scholar has revealed the lighter
The death sentence passed two weeks ago by the Iraqi courts on the exiled Vice President of Iraq, Dr. Tariq al-Hashemi, is another milestone on that country's pathway to disaster and civil war.
Civil society is crucial to a vibrant democracy and the unions can bring people together whatever their religion or politics. Mr Maliki said all the right things and it was all reported and amplified in a packed press conference. But things haven't really changed.
Six states including Britain are meeting in Baghdad with Iranian officials in talks aimed at pressuring Iran into curbing
Catherine Ashton will be within a few kilometers from Camp Liberty in just a few days time. Can she succeed where others have failed?