An Iraqi theatre company made a rare appearance on a British stage today as it prepared to perform a new version of Romeo
Since the heady first days of the Arab Spring, it has become increasingly obvious that things are not quite as they seem. Many of the idealistic, youth-driven uprisings have been manipulated to serve a much bigger regional game.
Four days after the official US troop presence ended, Baghdad has been struck by bombings that are a reminder that for ordinary
Singer Chris Martin of the band Coldplay performs live in concert, druids, pagans and revellers cheer as the sun rises at
At least 63 people have died in Baghdad and almost 200 have been injured after a series of deadly bombings rocked the Iraqi
The few remaining Jews living in Baghdad are living in fear after their names were published on the WikiLeaks website, a
The time for words is over. Concrete actions are now essential to safeguard the residents of Camp Ashraf. The US has the power to help them. If not, 2012, a crucial election year, risks starting with a tragedy that the world could have stopped.
Tension between Baghdad and Kurdistan region has reached its peak since the Iraqi PM, Nuri AL-Maliki ordered the removal
The Iranian regime is preparing to cast its dark shadow over Iraq as U.S. boots prepare to leave the country. Nowhere is the regime's ominous march more apparent than in the case of Camp Ashraf, where 3,400 Iranian political dissidents reside in Iraq. How this case is resolved is a barometer for the direction of Iraq after the US departure.