bahrain protests

Last month made it five years since activists across Bahrain rose up against the authoritarian Al-Khalifa regime. Their protests followed the Arab Spring movements that had taken off across the Middle East and represented a peaceful call for human rights and democracy.
A Bahraini prince who Instagrammed a selfie of him running alongside the trumpeting Household Cavalry in Hyde Park this week
Human rights defenders are not against the British, European, or American interests in Bahrain. Their interests align with a democratic Bahrain, and we should strive to have business relations which take into account human rights. We would just like these countries to hold Bahrain accountable for human rights violations and to urge the Bahraini government to reform and adhere to democratic ideals.
Without justice there can be no peace in Bahrain, and that won't change as long as the UK is happy to promote and provide political cover for an illegitimate government that is inflicting untold misery on its own citizens. Only by ending the political and military support that is strengthening the regime can the UK ensure that it is promoting human rights and acting the best interests of the people of Bahrain.
The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) was commissioned in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings across
Families of Bahrain's political prisoners have claimed Britain is ignoring the brutal oppression in that country and actively
On Friday, HRH the Duke of York is expected to open a conference in London which will highlight what is claimed to be the "mutual respect and tolerance" enjoyed by those who live in Bahrain. We ask that he thinks again and do the right thing by withdrawing from the event.
After hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Bahrain and fought with security services to mark the third anniversary
Beneath the royal weddings, Formula One races and other events that bore many normal people (myself included), the Anglo-Bahraini relationship is purely material. Bahrain has at least ten years of oil reserves left, and produces 40,000 barrels a day, representing a serious resource pool for British energy needs.
In reality, Bahrain has an extremely complex political and societal fabric that needs to be understood. The vast spectrum of opinions consequently led to the formation of 21 political societies, all whose voices need to be considered to ensure change by consensus.