I was recently in Caffé Nero - don't ask - with a group of environmentally-conscious friends when someone asked, "would you consider yourself a 'Green'?" Everyone raised their hands in agreement, but I could only look on, disgusted, before blurting out, "I am definitely NOT a 'Green'!" Not since watching George Michael's sorry performance at the Olympics Closing Ceremony have I experienced such an acute sense of revulsion.
The debate over fracking seems to have excited a great deal of people. It's an existential crisis at the heart of the Conservative Party. It will 'threaten God's glorious creation'. It will reduce energy prices. Or maybe not... Is fracking really such a contentious issue? Yes and no.
Sixty villagers whose community has been at the centre of anti-fracking protests have said Britain's shale gas and oil reserves
The prospect of fracking in local constituencies has sparked fury from Tory MPs, with one threatening to "man the barricades
Anti-fracking protesters have blockaded the headquarters of energy company Cuadrilla and PR firm Bell Pottinger, while others
Fracking firm Cuadrilla has "scaled back" its controversial drilling in the West Sussex countryside in the face of fierce
David Cameron needs to get away from the fantasy that fracking would lead to lower energy prices and stop using the US as an example. He should know that the gas market on the other side of the Atlantic is different than in Europe. Even if the UK was to extract large amounts of cheap gas from fracking, it would not lead to cheaper energy bills...
It is a brilliant camp and if you're clever enough to realise what a monumentally bad idea fracking is, I'd urge you to go down there and join them. For the day, for the weekend, even just for an evening. You'll learn about the arguments, show your support and you might be surprised to find you'll have a bloody good time.
When George Osborne recently unveiled the world's most generous tax breaks for shale gas extraction in the UK, in a desperate effort to kick start the shale industry here, he might have inadvertently sowed the seed for the largest environmental movement the UK has seen in decades.
Police tackle fracking protesters This morning, Mr Medhurst and Ms Hynde superglued their hands together in a "human lock