Indonesia raised its warning for Bali’s Mount Agung volcano to the top level four alert on Monday, closed the holiday island’s
Some 24,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters over the weekend.
Time spent meditating with the sweet, softly spoken priest who shared with me drops of holy water, scented flowers, incense, and offerings of traditional sweet rice cakes, while chanting mantras will stay with me. Less significant was the rub-down part lying on a massage table, it was the exchange of smiles and sense of connection.
Well, this is it. Part three and the last blog about my Bali trip. So far I've told you about the hotels I've seen, popular areas like Kuta and Seminyak - and some of the stories that have come along the way.
In my last blog, you got to hear all about the hotels in Bali that Steph and I stayed in. But I need to get across a lot more about the island itself - and why it's so special to me. Despite being a small island, it has so much variety and contrast. The water is the clearest of blue, with 3000 species of fish, even more than the Great Barrier Reef.
So, if you've seen my Instagram, it won't take a genius to see that I absolutely love Bali. I go every year because it's one of those places where the novelty never wears off. It's got something for everyone - whether you're after a family holiday, a romantic getaway or just a lads' party trip - Bali always proper delivers.
Thousands of residents have been evacuated from villages near an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali as the alert
Highest possible alert raised on resort island.