ball boy

To these teenagers, trending isn't just an added function on Twitter to improve its real-time value; it's where you want to appear (or at least what you should be talking about). It's also a feature that's very much perceived to be in their control.
Following on from Eden Hazard's ridiculous red card on Wednesday evening for kicking a ball-'boy' in the League Cup semi-final second leg against Swansea, here are another few weird red cards that came to mind.
Being ball boy or ball girl in tomorrow's Wimbledon final would be "incredible", two hopefuls said today. Lauren Drewett
During a game of cricket, you expect to see a decent catch or two. During a game of tennis? Well, not so much. But that's
Most ball boys and ball girls have a pretty simple job: picking up stray tennis balls. Sometimes a bottle of water is required