You've already made so much banana bread with your overripe bananas during coronavirus lockdown. Make this easy recipe instead.
The world’s favourite fruit, known for its health benefits, is under attack by two dangerous diseases.
There’s always money in the Bananacoin stand.
You going to have to try a different snack next time?
Many of us will throw away a banana with even a small bruise.
Sainsbury’s is ramping up its drive against food waste with a push to get people to make bread out of bruised and blackened
The clash comes after Johnson said at a rally in May: “If we take back control on June 23 we can also get rid of so much
In what is probably the saddest food-related news we've heard this year, bananas could soon face extinction. And yes, we'd
We need our prices to reflect the value of what things actually cost to produce. Coffee quality control at COMSA cooperative
Bananas are brilliant. There, we said it. In the video above, the guys at Eye Opener TV have dished the dirt on why the fruit
Class A drugs are not usually what you would find on your shopping trip to Tesco... But five bags each containing 1kg of
Most of us write shopping lists to ensure we don't forget the essentials, but very few of us stick to what's written down
This is the disturbing image of a banana laced with potentially deadly spiders, found by a mum-of-two from Bristol. The 43
This is a lovely, moist cake, which is sometimes hard to achieve with gluten-free flour! When you pull the cake out of the oven, it will look like it's not done in the center. Don't worry, that's correct!
We all remember with horror the great-aunts who would exclaim: 'My how you have grown'. In my case, it was especially excruciating as it usually meant I'd grown out rather than up, unlike my tall siblings. Fast forward several years and suddenly we've all become that aunt. Before we know it, we find ourselves parroting the same words when children we haven't seen for a while, have suddenly shot up.
I'm not a Mum who treats sugar as the devil. I have a very sensible (well I think so) theory that by saying something's off limits you create all kinds of both negative and exciting connotations. Dieting, giving up smoking, stopping dating unsuitable men... by saying it's off limits all of a sudden we all want it more. So this recipe is a welcome surprise.
As if browsing the fruit aisles wasn’t already an experience fraught with danger, a live scorpion has turned up in a bunch
These muffins can be put together in a matter of minutes - they are incredibly easy and oh-so-tasty. The ground almonds and coconut make them very fluffy and moist, while the streusel topping provides crunch. Eat warm from the oven, as a tea time treat or grab one for breakfast on-the-go.
I often listen to Radio 4 at my desk, with a hot cup of tea. Is it wrong to be mourning these daily treats already? I'm not naive. I know it'll be mighty busy but do you think there might be time for half an hour a day? Perhaps with one of these muffins? Who am I trying to kid...