bangladesh factory fire

UPDATE: Dhaka Building Collapse: 'Smiling' Woman Survivor Found In Bangladesh Factory Rubble (VIDEO) Following the collapse
Eight people lost their lives after a fire tore through a clothing factory in Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka. The tragedy
After having spoken to fellow colleagues from Justice International, one of Justice for A Better World's charitable organisations
While many clothes companies have been associated with the Dhaka factory tragedy, low-cost, fast fashion provider Primark
The Bangladesh factory supplied goods to a number of fast fashion retailers, including Primark, J.C. Penney and allegedly, Wal-Mart. And where is the outrage? Where are the crowds of protesters lobbying for better oversight of apparel production? Apparently, we can sacrifice a few human lives for a cheap pair of sunglasses.
Some have suggested a consumer boycott of Bangladeshi garments at these retailers, but a boycott could be counter-productive because doing so could jeopardise the job security of the garment workers. The best course of action is to put consumer pressure on Primark. We can't shift our society's addiction to cheap fashion overnight, but we can insist that as the buyers, Primark must put pressure on their supply chain to adhere to the basic tenets of a safe working environment.
The owner of a building that collapsed in Bangladesh killing at least 377 people has been arrested apparently attempting
Screams could be heard through the concrete . A petition has now been launched calling for Primark and other retail brands
Hundreds have been protesting Rescue workers have been passing oxygen cylinders through the rubble to help those still trapped
Rubber bullets and tear gas have been used against thousands of protesters in Bangladesh, as crowds took to the streets calling