bangladesh garment industry

Photo credit: Allison Joyce for VSO Bangladesh's garment factories are once again in the headlines. In April 2013, over 1,100
The grounds upon which the eight storey commercial building collapsed were swampy and the cracks on its walls were large. Garment workers were forced to go back to work knowing that this building was unsafe to work in.
So workers are suffering because of low wages and dangerous working conditions, consumers are suffering thanks to poor quality clothing that doesn't last and the environment is suffering due to the overproduction of clothes and a complete lack of regard for sustainability. The clothes may be cheap but we are all paying for them one way or another.
The truth is Bangladesh remains the source of the cheapest labour for the global garment industry. As costs have increased in China, global fashion brands have switched production to cheaper factories in Bangladesh, resulting in the garment industry producing 10% of the country's GDP.