Banking Crisis

There is stiff competition for the title of the world's worst bank but the Swiss shambles, UBS, must now have pushed aside the financial catastrophes that are Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS and CitiBank, to sit atop the whole stinking heap.
One of the things Sir John Vickers got absolutely right in his report on the banking industry - issued yesterday - was the scale of the regulatory reform that was already under way.
George Osborne has endorsed the Sir John Vickers’ Independent Commission on Banking. In a statement to the Commons, he called
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Darkening clouds over the UK economy mean the Government would be "barking mad" to press ahead with
This summer's humbling of Rupert Murdoch has warmed the cockle of many a liberal heart. Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the first few euphoric weeks after New Labour's election could they pick up a newspaper/switch on their computer with such a sense of excited anticipation at the latest 'Hackgate' revelations.
Why are aid budgets so small? This is a question that gets politically active peoples' hearts racing in most developed countries
Could it be that banks now rely on computer based risk models, so when the 'computer says no' its nothing personal. It's the computers fault, not the friendly bank manager giving your innovative business idea the thumbs down or cutting off access to cash during your liquidity issues.
WASHINGTON -- British proposals to force large banks to separate their riskier trading operations from their retail units