Banned Adverts

In an advert, a woman in her underwear does the ironing. If it was an advert for underwear, we'd raise our eyebrows at the
An ad for American Apparel's "back to school" range has been banned for "inappropriately sexualising" girls and potentially
A television ad for the mobile app Nude Scanner 3D that showed images of a naked woman has been banned after viewers complained
Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has been forced to pull a controversial advert after complaints of "clumsy racism" as
An advert for some of Britain's biggest beer brands has been banned for implying alcohol helps overcome nervousness and is
This ad for protein shake brand For Goodness Shakes has been banned by the advertising watchdog, which deemed that its references
An advert showing a surgeon performing a brain operation while organising a holiday online has been banned after complaints
An advert for ham featuring naked picnickers prompted 371 complaints but it was misleading claims about meat that saw the
A cheese ad in which a miniature cowboy wields a razor and a gun has been shifted to a post 9pm slot following complaints
Ryanair's latest advert has been banned after a string of complaints. The poster, featuring scantily-clad girls underneath
Budget airline Ryanair has been rapped by a watchdog for a "sexist" advertising campaign which "objectified" women. The promotion