Barack Obama

In his book A Promised Land, the former president discusses David Cameron, Gordon Brown and that incident with the Queen.
The former president discusses racism, misinformation and Donald Trump in the new interview.
The former president said his successor has fomented "the sense that not only do we not have to tell the truth, but the truth doesn't even matter."
I'm relieved Trump is out but there is a bitterness to having to settle for another centrist candidate that young progressives do not truly believe in, writes Alice Porter.
Biden and Johnson's relationship as world leaders isn't starting off from a clean slate.
Prime minister insists there is "far more that unites than divides us" despite Democrat hostility over his "racist" comments about Obama.
Senator Chris Coons also says the president-elect also has “significant concerns” over Brexit’s impact on the Irish border.
The 44th president's statement concluded with a sweeping call to action: "Our democracy needs all of us more than ever."
"It’s really a testament to how much people dislike you guys," one Twitter user hit back at the president's son.