Barber Talk educates barbers in how to spot the signs of depression and mental illness in clients that are willing to open up about it. Then, barbers are encouraged to make their clients feel comfortable in a non-clinical and non-judgemental way, before signposting those in need to suitable professional help, such as charities like the Samaritans.
Barbershop quartet Main Street are quite keen to point out that all the songs traditionally sung from the "good old days
Today, red, white and blue barber poles are often found in the United States, although this may have more to do with the colours of the nation's flag than anything else. Some interpretations posit that the red represents arterial blood, the blue represents venous blood and the white represents the bandages.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is well and truly up and running now. The Royal Mile is a no-go area for anyone who doesn't want to be chugged by interpretive dancers, everyone's got a throat infection and we've all had at least one very late night drinking session with the Othello The Remix guys.
Can I start by being openly shameless? I can? Why, thank you.