Barbican Centre

If, like me, you're a fan of street photography and social documentary, you'll love Strange and Familiar at the Barbican Centre, a new photography exhibition that examines the changing face of Britain's landscape, its communities and its rituals over the past century.
Perhaps surprisingly, though, at the heart of a self-reflexive play that explores altered states of consciousness and sets out to 'challenge the materialist view' lies something very tangible, material and immediate: the corporeal, present experience.
What true lover of theatre can condemn the newspapers? How thrilling and marvellous that theatre can make headlines! A 400-year-old play and a piece of new writing both received attention out of proportion to their newsworthyness.
Benedict Cumberbatch has appealed for people to stop filming and photographing during his production of Hamlet. Cumberbatch
This breach of protocol matters because it can make it even harder for theatres to take chances; harder for new writers, new actors, new directors to come into the art form; to work outside of the mainstream. It makes it harder for established writers; actors; directors to try something new, do something new.
There are just weeks to go until Benedict Cumberbatch begins his first London theatre run in four years, and to says fans
Magnificent Obsessions has a fascinating premise - to gain insight into the work of a number of post-war and contemporary artists from around the world through examination of their personal collections
Now is our moment to get out and proud. Statement architecture is rising fast around the City and beyond. What if suddenly one of the truly awesome jewels of the London horizon was a building devoted to classical music?
There is an extraordinary diversity of subjects in this top 10 list of London exhibitions for 2015. Mark these in your calendar and your brain will be like a sponge, just soaking it all up.
Anthony Sher is the star casting as Falstaff and, of course, he is superb. Everything about his performance is superb - the delivery, the warmth, Falstaff's arrogance and his manipulation of those around him, and that great speech on the eve of war on the perversity of honour is moving and powerful.