On arrival at the East London destination of the Truman Brewery, I was met with the sweet smell of coffee, which practically guided me in from street level. The festival spreads across two floors and multiple rooms, with pumping beats from live DJs and the whizzing sounds of coffee theatrics in progress.
This rant could literally be an essay but alas let's just stick with this for now but welcome to an average day of your local Barista who most definitely hates you.
I was a barista for many years and happily stamped people's loyalty cards more than once if they were particularly smiley but the idea that people would have to flirt with me in order to get a free coffee? I don't think I'd like that.
Starbucks staff write your name on the cup these days - but not always correctly. Thank you, Paul Gale, for revealing the
It’s a sweet gimmick, but Starbucks’ policy of writing customer’s names on their cups has backfired spectacularly for one
As coffee shops outlets continue to spring up across the world, defying recession logic, an American food blog has asked
Coffee giant Starbucks is not only launching a recruitment drive to hire 1,000 students, the company is also offering to