baroness hayter

There are three million EU born citizens living in the UK - many of them worried as to whether they will be able to stay, work or study, come the day we exit.
Anyone's who has ever bought a house probably knows that when the money is paid over to their lawyer it goes into a separate 'client bank account' rather than the solicitor's own business account. A situation very different from the one used for letting agents where, almost unbelievably, there is no statutory requirement for such a separate account.
At 8.30am on Saturday morning, most normal people are having a lie in, at work or busy with weekend chores. Not so the Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock, who his weekend took the opportunity to sneak out an announcement - with no consultation or prior warning - that in future, any charity in receipt of public money must not use it to influence government or Parliament.
This is a bad Bill that the government should be ashamed of. It introduces a register of lobbyists so limited that it is not worthy of the name and might actually make things worse. It wraps unions in red tape. And it means companies and trade associations can continue to lobby in secret while charities and campaigners are gagged.