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Today we have tabled two Brexit-related motions for debate and votes if necessary in the House of Lords. I hope the government takes these motions in the spirit that they've been tabled. Yes, Labour wants to hold Ministers to account over the guarantees and assurances they have given to date. But we can also be useful.
Warns too that Great Repeal Bill is the bigger battle ahead
Theresa May is heading for a fresh showdown with the House of Lords over Brexit after Labour said it was “confident” of defeating
Shadow Cabinet minister: leader must heed 'painful conclusions'
A senior member of Jeremy Corbyn’s top team has urged him to listen to the public and not shy away from “painful conclusions
Radical plans will be 'dead on arrival'
Theresa May’s grammar schools revolution is set to be abruptly halted by the House of Lords after Labour and the Lib Dems
Owen's dogged belief in putting Labour principles into action through power is exactly the right ethos that we believe can lead labour to victory in towns like Basildon, Thurrock and Harlow - our Essex marginals at the next general election and elect more much needed Labour Councillors.
At this time of the year, we often reflect on the past and make plans for the future. For politicians, it is particularly poignant as we look back over the first eight months of the only wholly Conservative government for 18 years and consider what the future holds. Already, the true character of the government is evident. The Lobbying Bill - or rather, 'Gagging Bill' - introduced by the Coalition set the tone, by making it much harder for charities and campaigning organisations to get their messages across. But the Conservatives have now taken this aversion to challenge and scrutiny to a level that I thought was lost with the court of Charles I...
The last week has enlightened quite a few about the Cameron government's reluctance to accept challenge or proper scrutiny. The prime minister would rather provoke a phoney constitutional 'crisis' with peers than deal with the issues and problems with his and Osborne's tax credits policy.