Baroness Williams

Baroness Williams speaking in a debate on homelessness today "And in amongst those numbers there are a number of people who
In concluding, I hand over to my colleagues here, careful and very cherished support for the great public institutions I have spoken about which are part of the warp and the weft of this country's whole being and who texture and quality. And I ask them to think very hard before allowing the United Kingdom to withdraw from what I believe to be its major duty to the world, which is the one it will encounter and then deliver through the European Union.
Britain has always represented the leading edge of civil rights. This year saw the celebration of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, a simple document that laid down - for the first time - fundamental truths of living in a free society. This week marked another milestone, less well-known, but no less important - the 50th Anniversary of an Act that helped to change Britain - the Race Relations Act 1965.
A minister has tweeted her opposition to a proposed anti-Semitic march through North London by a group of alleged Nazi sympathisers
Baroness Shirley Williams said fellow Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard, who is currently being investigated for allegations
Liberal Democrat activists have defied their party's leadership by refusing to back the controversial NHS Reform Bill at
Liberal Democrats will vote on Sunday on proposals calling for the party to back controversial health reforms after a rebel
A bid to allow Liberal Democrats to vote for controversial health reforms to be dropped has failed, the party has confirmed
Nick Clegg today said he was "confident" Liberal Democrats would back the coalition's controversial health reforms ahead