As cities swell to the size of mini countries, a spectacular hotel rooftop has become a staple of cool hotels across the
The FSA's head of incident manager Colin Houston said: "It is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure that their
The real disappointment is that it's often just one simple step that's overlooked, and that's the ice. You might've seen many bars putting a big focus on their ice- triple frozen, pride of place illuminated blocks glistening like glass, ice blocks cut into diamonds... the bar world has gone ice mad.
"NEW YORK IS AMAZING!" - that's what I've spent the last week saying to anyone and everyone who will listen. I've just got back from a trip there, you see. And my goodness, I am in love.
Most Britons begrudge paying tips, regardless of the quality of service they receive, according to a survey. The poll found
Finally the sun is out, time to head for the rooftops and bathe in its glow. HuffPost Lifestyle has selected the best rooftop
It's what happens behind the scenes that makes London truly special - and although I could go on forever about those quirky little spots that have melted many-a-heart, I've managed to pick out just 10 of my favourite places to wholeheartedly recommend for any trip to the capital.
It's been just over a week since I declared my new-found sobriety upon y'all through this very website and it seems only right to update you all on my progress: I think you would all agree it's been a terrible week to give up.
Whisky has been known as predominantly a boys business since, well, the first mention of Scotch whisky dating back to around 1495. But, having been involved in the whisky industry for a number of years, I have to say that yes, the majority of whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs are indeed of the male variety. Ladies - I really want you to explore this world.
Hotels, restaurants, casinos and country pubs could all be exempt from plans to give licensing authorities the power to charge
We were told that having a feminist or women's lib group in the bar would be "inappropriate". Inappropriate. So feminism and women's liberation are inappropriate. In London. In the West End. In 2011.