Bashar Assad

A poster produced by a group of activists in a northwest town in Syria has gone viral with its satirical attack on the country's
William Hague has hailed the UN Security Council's decision to step up its monitoring of the volatile ceasefire in Syria
A lot has been written about the human catastrophe currently unfolding in Syria, horrific photos assail us daily, politicians drop sound-bites condemning the violence, but in a few heart-felt sentences the injured photographer Paul Conroy eloquently and dramatically cut through it all. "It's not a war," he insisted. "It's a massacre." Speaking from the safety of his hospital bed in London, having been smuggled from Homs to Lebanon earlier in the week by Syrian rebels, Conroy pleaded with the world to act now or regret forever the atrocities being committed...
Twin explosions have shaken the Syrian capital Damascus, killing several people, state media reported, blaming the attack
The spontaneous uprising of the discontented in Cairo appears to have swept away the dictator seemingly effortlessly but the old structures of army, police and secret service are still in place and threaten to continue an only marginally relaxed, autocratic regime with the help of the multifaceted Muslim Brotherhood.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets across Syria today after a televised appearance
Reports of violence continued to pour out of Syria on Thursday even as world leaders made a series of co-ordinated statements
Video footage posted to the Internet on Friday, the first Muslim sabbath during the holy month of Ramadan, is said to show
At least six people have been killed in a suburb of Damascus, the Syrian capital, reports said on Tuesday, after a renewed
Sanctions against Syria have been extended by the European Union following a further crackdown by the regime of President