President Barack Obama welcomed David Cameron to the USA by taking the Prime Minister to watch his first game of basketball
David Cameron flies to the USA today for talks with President Barack Obama, with the timetable for withdrawal of British
Barack Obama will take David Cameron to watch a basketball game when the prime minister flies to the United States to hold
Here in Britain, we don't much care about basketball, least of all college basketball - but there is one thing we really
American basketball’s iconic Harlem Globetrotters team have looked across the Atlantic to recruit their latest star. Paul
This basketball player stands head and shoulders above his teammates – quite literally at a whopping 7ft 5in tall. Mamadou
The students at New Palestine High School, Indiana, were expecting a lot from the Indiana Pacers' mascot Boomer when he came
"There is no other context quite like this one; it's hard to understand without living it." These are the words of Karen