The recent civic commemoration in Westminster of the 26th anniversary of Anfal may come to be seen as a milestone in Anglo-Kurdish links thanks to the British Government's decision to send a minister to the event for the first time.
In Iraq everyone privately knew the WMD thing was a pretext, and this assumption underpinned all our political work. No-one was 100% certain of the real aims. Still today. So we made it up.
A soldier died in a drunken shooting incident while he was with three comrades in Iraq, one of them told mourners at his
The hero-soldier brand is undeniably potent. The increased presence of soldiers at sports events - be it at Premier League games or the Olympics - is a shrewd move by the PR-savvy Ministry of Defence. The idea of a wholesome, dutiful hero is very appealing and is very much a feature of British identity, intertwined as it is with our military history and our imperial present.
Babies born in the cities at the heart of the US and UK's bloodiest military campaigns in Iraq are more likely to have heart
A terror suspect has come a step closer to returning to the UK after winning a Court of Appeal battle against the government's
More than 100 Iraqi civilians have won a landmark Court of Appeal battle in their bid for a fresh public inquiry into allegations
British soldiers could face a fresh prosecution over the brutal death of an Iraqi civilian after a scathing report condemned